We’re All a Vessel

Hi Cuties!

I was looking at my reflection the other night. I frowned at what I saw. Not because I was self-loathing, but rather because I began to view my body as a vessel that had been neglected for some time now. Every morning, like you, I wake up, shower, and brush my teeth. I put on clothing that I pray matches and looks cute, and then I begin my day. But as I looked over my body, I saw years of neglect in the “fluff” that rests on my form. I don’t know what I’d look like if I actually got fit. In this moment of epiphany I began to write a letter of love to the body that has encased my soul for almost 35 years now. This is what I wrote…

Dear Body,

It’s you and me in this vessel. I am the soul and you are the container. If I’m being honest here, I’m sorry for neglecting you. I like the driver’s seat and I do well when I’m in control. At least I thought so. But I’ve realized that we’re like two children tied together in a three-legged race. We’re in the same boat, only we’re not rowing in unison.

I know for many years you’ve wanted to heal me, but I can be a bit hard-headed. However, now I hear you. I see the damage done, and I long to change my ways to help us both thrive. Aging a bit has quieted my mind and allowed me to really take a good, hard look at you. While I want to damn myself for everything that I find negative in my form, I must remember the importance of self-love. It is in this mindset that I honor the beautiful things about us as we come together to make me…. me.

I see my tiny feet that once danced across the garage floor pretending to be in Riverdance. I love that I have tiny feet with high arches. My small feet remind me that beneath this cellulite, there is a woman who is truly tiny-boned. I needn’t tell myself that I’m “big boned” or that this is how I was meant to be. I can do better, and I will. I see my chubby legs. And while they are the one part of my body that I dislike the most, I must remember that these two legs has carried me for 35 years. Walking, and having the ability to move is truly a gift that we only cherish when it is taken away from us. I am humbled and thankful for these two stumpy legs. They are mine, and I promise to take better care of them.

I see my waist that dips inward to give my body its feminine hourglass shape. I see my breasts that has sagged a bit with time, but are still two white globes with pink, perky buttons on the tip. I see my slender neck that lifts up a pair of hazel-colored eyes and a curious mind. While my head is crowned in curls.

It’s easy to see all of the things that are wrong with us, but I choose to think a different way. A healthier way. A kinder way. So, thank you Body, for always being there. For beating through the night when my soul goes to rest. As we move forward together, I promise to listen to your signals and needs on a more intentional level. Now let’s go kick some ass. 🙂

With Sincere Love,

Miss Cutie xx

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