Stay and Reconnect. [Story Time]

Hi Cuties!

In the last post I mentioned that I’ve been staying on a farm. With poor internet connection here, I’ve had to get creative to keep myself entertained. For a while I poured through books and movies. But my soul yearned to get outside. I began helping the older couple out on their farm. My soft, suburban hands aren’t used to hard, manual labor. Yet, there I was in a large sunhat and gloves ripping out weeds by their roots. On this 5 acre plot, there are many, many tasks to get done. The couple has been so grateful for my help that they asked me to come back in a few months and rent out this bungalow permanently! They even gave me a large plot of land to make a garden.

My jaw hit the floor in surprise.

I took Sunday to think it over. Could I be a farm girl? This might be a fun stepping stone towards my journey to be a sailor. The price for rent they are offering is excellent. I could get fresh air, farm-fresh eggs, and reconnect with nature on the daily. So, I said yes! As of September I’ll be living here on the farm full-time and I have to say…. I’m so excited! Since I agreed to stay, I’ve been literally hacking and tilling the land where my garden will go. I had no idea that gardening is such hard work! My arms and legs ache each night as I collapse into bed. I wake up before the sun, getting in a few hours of labor before the heat sets in. Then I curl up during the heat of the day and wait for the sun to start to set. It really feels like a farmer’s life. 🙂


Being here on the farm has made me reflect on my mental health and how beneficial it is to get outside. I’ve never been an “outdoorsy” girl. In fact, I get REALLY squeamish around bugs and spiders. Just last night I nearly scared the pants off of the couple accidentally. There I was toiling away in the afternoon sun when all of a sudden I saw something large, and colorful slither quickly 2 feet from me. I SCREAMED, and jumped back 50 feet. I was so sure it was a snake. I screamed so loud that the couple heard me from 200 feet away across the large yard. The husband came racing towards me in alarm. “Snake! Snake! Snake!!!” I shrieked pointing to where I thought it was. He went over without a trickle of fear in his body, lifted a shovel and I heard a thwap! Then he chuckled.

“Lizard!” he said grinning and lifted up the dead, large lizard on the shovel. Needless to say, I still have a lot to learn about farm life. 🙂

But it has been amazing feeling tired, yet seeing rough land go from unkempt to beautiful. To know that my literal sweat and work is cultivating a space into something special. It grounds the soul. It’s as if our innate nature knows that we were meant to roam wild. We belong outside with fresh air and sunshine. I can’t imagine spending my time in a cubicle all day. Anyway, I keep stepping on the scale and have yet to see weight loss (or gain). I’ve plateaued. I’ll blame it on building muscle (hehe!). I hope you all are having a wonderful week. Stay tuned for more updates!

Much love,

~Miss Cutie xx


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